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LDS focus is to bring the right team of specialists to your project allowing us to
maximize efficiencies and create a cost effective development process at the
highest skill level available.

  • Evaluate existing or future assets in order to determine the steps necessary to move forward. Should the owner continue to market the project, develop the project or liquidate? In some cases it could be a combination of all of three based on the evaluation.
  • Determine the present value of the asset along with all costs necessary to complete any remaining phases of the development in order to provide the best possible information to be used to decide what course of action needs to be taken.
  • Identify specialists that will benefit the owner and their ability to sell the development. Property evaluation for purchase or development, determining highest and best use.
  • Perform due diligence on undeveloped and partially developed property to determine the feasibility of development, including liquidation scenarios based on time frame to sell the assets.
  • Sales and marketing analysis to determine market conditions and develop a plan to sell the property along with price and time projections.
  • Evaluate existing sales data and recommend a data management system to track all sales and marketing efforts for best return on investment.
  • Project Management including monitoring all construction contracts for completion and approval.
  • Assist with management of Property Owner Associations.

Special Services


Analyze existing deeds to determine if any problems exist with ownership, access, easements or title.


Analyze zoning and existing approvals from Federal, State and Local governmental agencies to verify requirements and understand liabilities. Visit with municipalities to determine if any problems exist and discuss future requirements for approval of additional phases of project.


Verify required environmental regulations for compliance. Determine if future work is necessary in areas such as wetland delineation and phase II environmental assessments. Evaluate soil and sedimentation control approvals for any work necessary to ensure permit compliance and to avoid penalties from state and local agencies.


Review bonds posted with City and County governments to determine project liabilities. Review any contracts with consultants and contractors to determine liabilities and cost associated with agreements.


We will analyze your plan to insure it is complete and allows the property to be developed in the most cost effective manner. This will insure that remaining costs to complete infrastructure are minimized while providing the maximum yield of units required, recovering investment and producing the income necessary to justify the project.


Evaluate existing condition of completed and incomplete infrastructure and amenities for quality and percentage complete. Determine amount of work necessary to complete project based on municipal requirements.


Evaluate existing marketing materials and advertising programs to determine effectiveness and cost. Evaluate market area and demographics of buyers interested in purchasing to determine position of project in market area. Determine if any data has been retained that could be analyzed for creation of future marketing programs to enhance sales. Evaluate all potential competitors in market area to understand existing absorption of comparable inventory.


Evaluate pricing from existing projections in order to determine if realistic within current market conditions. Determine pricing necessary to maintain required absorption rates.


Analyze all HUD and State registration requirements for compliance. Determine if additional registrations are necessary based on marketing requirements.


Review all available accounting data and update financial statements if necessary to reflect the current condition of the project. Create updated cash flows that accurately forecast remaining costs and sales income to determine viability of project. This will include a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with completing the project as required by the existing plan.


Evaluate the condition of the current property owners association to determine any requirements necessary to turn the project over to the association and costs to complete all liabilities that exist. Assist with organization of clubs and club memberships.

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Our clients include banks, lending institutions, capital investment groups, investors, land owners
and land developers. LDS can provide guidance on the best course of action that will minimize
necessary spending to get the asset off your books and in some cases with increased values.
Every situation is unique — LDS is ready to give you the answers you need to make the tough decisions.

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